Resistance Bands Workouts

What Is A Resistance Bands Workout?

When you see your first resistance band in a gym, you might think that it is only designed for people who are too weak or out of shape to work out with weights. Nothing could be further from the truth of course, and now more and more athletes of all levels are using resistance band workouts in order to increase their strength, flexibility, and power.

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In recent years, more and more types of resistance band workouts have been developed and the technology behind these resistance bands themselves a change so that now there are many different types that are designed for specific purposes. Whether you are someone who is just starting to work out or you are a professional athlete, the use of resistance bands can help you increase your fitness immensely.

What Are Resistance Bands?


Resistance bands come in a variety of sizes and resistance levels, colors, and lengths. These are usually made from latex or other stretchy, durable materials and can be either tubular or flat. Some resistance bands have handles built into them, or they can be used on their own. Resistance bands have always been used in physical therapy as a way to help people increase their range of motion through stretching, but in recent years they have become more popular in athletics of all levels, because of the way they can help athletes increase power and strength quickly without using weights.

What Kind of Workouts Can You Do?

There are a number of different workouts that you can do with resistance bands, depending on what your primary fitness goals are. In CrossFit, resistance bands have been used as a way to quickly move from exercise to exercise without the problem of free weights. They are also used to help assist with pull-ups for those who are unable to do them on their own.

The primary type of resistance band workout that you will find online would be the whole body workout. In these types of workouts, resistance bands are taking the place of traditional weights and they are also helping to add further resistance when only a person’s body weight is being used. In other words, they can make doing a push-up much harder, or can add further intensity to a lunch.

There are also muscle-specific workouts, such as those that are designed to increase leg strength or power, the upper body exercises for biceps and triceps, chest exercises, back exercises, and of course many different types of core exercises. What you will find when you go online to look for these exercises is that they usually require a specific type of resistance band, primarily because there are some bands that are designed for light stretching and providing very little resistance, while there are others that can be used for powerlifting, assisted pull-ups, or heavier people.

Where Can You Find High Quality Resistance Band Workouts?


Even though you can now find some resistance bands in sporting goods stores and even in some big-box department stores, you will find very little variety in terms of size and resistance provided. One website that has gotten a lot of attention in recent months is Rubberbanditz, which is an outstanding resource for everything that has to do with resistance bands and resistance bands workouts.

When you go to Rubberbanditz, you will see that they have workouts of all kinds, and for all levels of athletes. Some of these workouts are based on level of fitness required while others are designed for a specific part of the body or even to improve performance in a particular type of sport. For example, some workouts that they provide are designed solely for increasing sprint speed for football or basketball, while others provide upper body strength and flexibility for swimming.

Which Workout Bands Are Best?

Rubberbanditz provides a variety of different sizes, styles, and levels of resistance of all types of bands. In addition to selling individual bands, they have mobile workout kits, bands that are designed specifically for CrossFit, rehab and recovery bands, a variety of other pieces of exercise equipment that are often used along with resistance bands. These include such devices as pull-up bars, medicine balls, jump ropes, gym rings, and battle ropes.

Is This a Good Exercise Product for You to Use?

Many people struggle with free weights or they simply do not enjoy working out with them, if you have never tried resistance bands workouts in the past, then you will be pretty surprised at just what a difference a can make in terms of your overall fitness. The fact that these bands are also much easier to use and certainly easier to transport make them the ideal workout tool for just about anyone.

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